Let’s Start with Political Science

Firstly…whenever we are studying any subject ,first important question arises who is it’s father…

So the Father of Political Science is “ARISTOTLE”.Moreover he also wrote the book “POLITICS“.

Some more important books and their authors are..

AUTHOR.                        BOOK

ARISTOTLE.                     POLITICS


PLUTO.                              REPUBLIC

Now I just explain you in short why and what actually is there in political science.Since we all live in a country ,there has to be someone,some body to regulate the things and ensure proper working of the country..to make laws…to enforce them…to remove any conflicts that may arise.So about these bodies ..we will be studying in political science.

Now..everybody agrees tha India is a democracy…What is democracy?

DEMOCRACY SIMPLY MEANS RULE BY THE PEOPLE . It can be categorised in 2 ways:

1.DIRECT DEMOCRACY-In this type of democracy all people are involved in all decision making of the country.It is suitable for less populated countries only.Ex: Switzerland

2.INDIRECT DEMOCRACY-In this type of democracy,people elect representatives,who on their behalf,are involved in decision making.It is suitable for countries with huge population .Ex:India.

Now let’s talk about a very common term…REPUBLIC…What is it?

REPUBLIC is a country in which head of the country is an elected person and not a hereditary one.Ex..India,as here head(President) is elected by a council of ministers.

Contrary to republic is MONARCHY.

MONARCHY is a country in which the head of the country is a hereditary person(King or Queen).Ex England.


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Let’s Start

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